Banoffee Pie

Thanks Guys! I am overwhelmed by the number of visitors on my blog and trying the recipes.Number of hits already crossed 3K mark (Doing a happy dance!!!!). I am so ecstatic to put up my next recipe here.

So a lot of you have been messaging me to put up something which does not require oven(Had difficult time to think of a dessert which does not require baking, since I am a baker :D). While I was pondering over what should be a simple dessert , one of the friends was visiting home and suggested I make his favorite “Banoffee Pie” and voila , I knew what to put up in my next post. A heavenly dessert which requires no baking and is so easy to make, you will wonder why you did not make it earlier.

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History snippet : Banoffie Pie is originally an English dessert invented by  Nigel Mackenzie ,owner of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in East Sussex, and his chef, Ian Dowding.There have been versions of it available now, but traditionally it was a A pie or tart filled with toffee, bananas, and cream.

Nowadays the pie is made in different versions some with a crunchy biscuit base or a pastry base ,having coffee or chocolate or both and topped with chocolate shavings . We are going to use some of it 🙂 So grab your cooking hat and make this for your weekend brunch and impress your friends and family.

Below are the ingredients and Recipe details(Don’t get worried by the preparation time ,its a very simple process, trust me!)

Prep Time Assembly Time Refrigeration Time Total Time
2-3 hours 30 min 4-5 Hours 8 Hours


Digestive Biscuits 2-3 packets(250-300 gm)
Salted Butter(Room Temperature) 1/2 Cup
Bananas 2-3 Medium Size
Chocolate(Grated) 1 Cup
Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 Can(Approx 400 ml)
Whipping Cream 1 Cup
Cocoa Powder(Optional) 1-2 Tbsp
Salt(Optional) A pinch

20170326_111039374_iOS (3)

Pans and Pots:

  • 2 large mixing bowls
  • 1 thick bottom pan
  • 1 flat bottom tray /Removable bottom pan
  • Wooden spatula
  • Hand or Electric Beater
  • Gas stove/Induction


Making Toffee(Dulce de Leche):

Now this is a very unique technique of making toffee (Caramelized Sugar) . Just follow each step exactly as mentioned and you will have yourself the most amazing toffee you ever had

20170326_111731607_iOS (2)
Toffee after boiling the can for 2.5 hours
  • Fill a thick bottom pan with water and put it over the full flame
  • Put the condensed milk can(sealed) inside the pan
  • Make sure the can is completely submerged in water
  • Boil the can for 2-3 hours(make sure its always submerged in water while boiling and keep adding water to it as it reduces)
  • Take out the can from the pan and completely cool before opening

Tip: The longer you boil, you would get the thicker toffee. 2 hours is minimum and 3 hours maximum.

Do not open the can unless its completely cooled at room temperature.

Pie Crust:

  • Crush digestive biscuits and take them out in a large bowl
  • Add butter to the mixture and mix well
  • Evenly spread mixture on a flat bottom serving tray/removable bottom pan
  • Smooth the biscuit layer with a back of a spoon and put it in the refrigerator to chill for 30-40 min

Tip: You can also use Oreo biscuits as pie base, but digestive give the saltiness to whole pie(Which tastes awesome!)

Assembling the pie:

BeFunky Collage (2)
1. Base Layer of crushed biscuits 2.Layer of sliced bananas 3. Toffee Layer 4.Whipped cream layer 5. Grated chocolate and cocoa powder
  • Add sliced bananas on top of the crust
  • Spread a generous amount of toffee over the bananas and keep in refrigerator to chill again for 15 min. (You can add a pinch of salt above toffee layer. It gives a balance of taste in the dessert)20170326_123918457_iOS (2)
  • In the meantime whip up your cream using hand or electric beater and keep it ready. It should have soft peaks once done
  • Now add a thick layer of Vanilla whipped cream over the layer of toffee
  • Top it with chocolate shavings ( I used 75 % Dark chocolate)and dust the whole pie with cocoa powder(Using cocoa powder is optional)
  • Cover the pie with cling film and chill for about 4-5 hours

Tip:  You can use any chocolate you like. I prefer using dark chocolate as it balances the sweet ingredients


  • Cut it into pieces and serve chilled
  • Add a splash of toffee or chocolate sauce or serve it as is and Enjoy on a hot summer afternoon 🙂

IMG_1977 (3)

Do try this recipe and let me know! Leave a comment below , rate it, and don’t forget to post pictures of your pie! I’d love to see what you made. Cheers, friends!!


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