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Basbousa – Middle Eastern Delicacy

Basbousa is a native Egyptian (traditionally Middle eastern) sweet cake. Its made of semolina (rawa/sooji) as main ingredient and is soaked in a sugar syrup.  Its a super soft, melt in the mouth sweet, which has a rustic traditional flavor.


It was on my to do list since the day I saw it on an episode on TLC. Its literally a one bowl recipe and needs no fancy material. There are multiple recipes available for this sweet cake,some use coconut in the batter, others use orange or rose water as syrup. I loved this version the most! So here is the recipe. Bake it on!! Continue reading “Basbousa – Middle Eastern Delicacy”

Strawberry Banana Whole Wheat Cake

Seasonal fruits are always fresher and healthier and when its strawberry season, you grab on to every opportunity to use them in your bakes. It is such a beautiful fruit with rich and nice flavors, you can use it in so many forms in your bakes.


So this weekend, I thought of pampering myself with a cake (Well, that seldom happens!!). Picked up some fresh strawberries, a ripe banana, few basic ingredients and followed some simple steps and I had myself a wonderfully moist, soft  tea cake.It can be part of my breakfast, evening tea or any other time of the day ,because who needs a reason to eat a cake  🙂 ,especially when it is made in whole wheat flour(Yeah I know, you read that right!)

Follow these simple steps with all available home ingredients and I promise you,  this would satiate all your cake cravings. This recipe yields close to 1 pound cake. Continue reading “Strawberry Banana Whole Wheat Cake”