Mother’s Day Special Chocolate Cake

Mother’s Day is around the corner. What’s more special than making a cake for everyone’s “Best Cook in the World”, Your MOM. Although you do not need a day to celebrate her, but little pampering never hurts 🙂 🙂

Surprise her with this super simple and rich chocolate cake this Mother’s day

Of all the chocolate cake recipes I use, this one is simplest one to bake . It gives you a super soft and rich chocolate cake and best part its all with home ingredients without any fancy stuff and you have yourself a melt in mouth Chocolate Cake 🙂

Also am sharing here Chocolate Frosting recipe which can be used to decorate any cake.

IMG_9590 4.jpg


Below are the ingredients and Recipe details.This one yields close to 1 pound cake. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Special Chocolate Cake”


Banoffee Pie

Thanks Guys! I am overwhelmed by the number of visitors on my blog and trying the recipes.Number of hits already crossed 3K mark (Doing a happy dance!!!!). I am so ecstatic to put up my next recipe here.

So a lot of you have been messaging me to put up something which does not require oven(Had difficult time to think of a dessert which does not require baking, since I am a baker :D). While I was pondering over what should be a simple dessert , one of the friends was visiting home and suggested I make his favorite “Banoffee Pie” and voila , I knew what to put up in my next post. A heavenly dessert which requires no baking and is so easy to make, you will wonder why you did not make it earlier.

IMG_1991 (3)

History snippet : Banoffie Pie is originally an English dessert invented by  Nigel Mackenzie ,owner of The Hungry Monk Restaurant in East Sussex, and his chef, Ian Dowding.There have been versions of it available now, but traditionally it was a A pie or tart filled with toffee, bananas, and cream.

Nowadays the pie is made in different versions some with a crunchy biscuit base or a pastry base ,having coffee or chocolate or both and topped with chocolate shavings . We are going to use some of it 🙂 So grab your cooking hat and make this for your weekend brunch and impress your friends and family.

Below are the ingredients and Recipe details(Don’t get worried by the preparation time ,its a very simple process, trust me!) Continue reading “Banoffee Pie”